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Aqua Sun Ozone, International’s has incorporated a Universal Power Supply in our Blue Zone spa ozone generator.  The Pacifica Series XL 70 is the perfect solution for both your domestic 120V and international 240V requirements.  We develop products to clean the world’s water nature’s way. Your time is valuable and with the convenience of our Model XL 70 you will eliminate handling stock and inventory of two separate units. You will only have one unit to count, one set of serial numbers to track and one unit to order.  Clean spa water made easy...nature’s way.

The Pacifica Series XL 70 utilizes our Corona Discharge micro-ozone cell for residential spas that effectively removes water impurities and microorganisms, reduces chemical usage, requires less maintenance and provides the convenience of one unit to clean your spa day after day both domestically and internationally.  

Aqua Sun Ozone’s Corona Discharge micro-ozone cell provides consistent ozone output with less heat, less energy usage & less nitric acid. There are no cartridges, chips or bulbs to’s proven, reliable and green technology for clean spa water.


  • Power Input: 100V - 240V Auto Sensing
  • Enclosure: ABS Plastic/PA-765A
  • Dimensions: 4.75” (L) 4” (W) 1.75” (H)
  • Weight: 1.24 lbs.
  • Air Inlet: Filtered Ambient Air
  • Outlet: 1/4” Stainless Steel Barb Fitting
  • Ozone Output: 50mg/hr. Standard, Higher Output Optional
  • Available in: Amp &  In-Link Plug Configurations


  • Venturi Injector
  • Ozone Check Valve
  • Tubing


  • 2 years on Unit and 1 year on Check Valve
  • Excellent Customer Support Team

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