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The water flow through the XL-80 is right to left: the water flow on a standard tub is left to right. Try this: install the XL-80 backwards (sticker not facing you) turn on your spa and look for bubbles.

Turbo booster: If you are using a turbo booster with the XL-80 it may cause some interference with the venturi injector. Remove the turbo booster and install the Xl-80 as instructed.

If you are not using a turbo booster make sure the green light is on. If the green light is not on we recommend you contact Aqua Sun Ozone for further instruction.

The XL-80 does not work with tubs that install the ozone directly into a jet.


The ozone generator is not installed high enough. Be sure your ozone generator is installed above the water line.

There is no Hartford loop. Make sure there is at least one loop in tubing that goes from the ozone generator to the venturi injector.

The check valve has failed. If you have found, or can see water in the tubing above the check valve or water coming out of the air inlet your check valve needs to be replaced.


Unplug the ozone generator for a full 24 hours to allow it to dry completely. After 24 hours, plug the generator back in and install as normal. Your ozone generator should be working as good as new.

If your unit is inoperable contact Aqua Sun Ozone for further instruction.


A venturi injector is a component that creates a vacuum when water passes through it. This vacuum is how the ozone gas is injected into the water.


A check valve is a one-way valve. It allows the ozone gas to pass through, but will not allow the water to reverse back into the ozone generator. Although our ozone generators can get wet, it is preferable they don't. It is recommended you replace the check valve and tubing annually.